Experience in harm reduction

The Andrey Rylkov Foundation for the Protection of Health and Social Justice (or FAR) was established in June 2009. Officially registered on August 27, 2009.

Our mission: to promote the development of drug policies based on humanity, tolerance, health, dignity and human rights.

To achieve its mission, the Foundation uses 5 main strategies:

  1. Advocacy for a humane drug policy at the country and international level;
  2. Protecting the rights of people who use drugs, including through strategic litigation;
  3. Providing direct services to people who use drugs aimed at protecting their health and rights (Harm Reduction Program - Moscow);
  4. Providing support and capacity building to representatives of the community of people who use drugs;
  5. Outreach activities, including promoting public debate on drug policy by working with the media, building alliances with social, artistic and political activists.

The foundation's work is based on the principles of horizontal management and development of projects based on the initiatives of people who use drugs, activists and professionals in the field of public health and the protection of human rights.

Achievements (Best Practices)

The Andrey Rylkov Foundation is one of the leading organizations in the field of protecting the rights of people who use drugs and reducing harm. The most important achievements for us are:

  • Organization and support of the Russian Forum of People Who Use Drugs (Форум ЛУН).
  • Representing the interests and protecting the rights of people who use drugs on international platforms.
  • Strengthening communities and protecting the rights of people who use drugs at the country level.
  • One of the best harm reduction initiatives, uninterrupted service delivery and interventions aimed at reducing all possible negative consequences associated with drugs, both for each individual person and for various social groups and society as a whole.
  • Support for the initiatives of the community of people who use drugs and other initiatives directly aimed at empowering people who use drugs.
  • Successful outreach work.
  • Development of innovative initiatives, such as harm reduction in the context of chemsex and the gay community, a book for children whose parents use drugs, the newspaper "Shlyapa i Bayan" and much more.

Reasons for joining the Coalition

Our goal of active participation in the Coalition is to develop and popularize harm reduction programs, introduce evidence-based methods of HIV prevention, accumulate and disseminate best practices.

Future plans for harm reduction

Our plans are simple:

  • to continue working despite emerging barriers,
  • to expand and develop the range of HIV prevention and rights protection services for people who use drugs and other vulnerable groups,
  • to develop work with communities affected by cross-stigma of drug use: LGBT people who use drugs and sex workers who use drugs,
  • to continue advocating for evidence-based and effective HIV prevention interventions among vulnerable communities,
  • to continue advocating for a more humane drug policy based on individual value and respect for human rights.


Contact person:Maxim Malyshev






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