A person needed 27 shots of naloxone to survive an overdose of tainted crystal meth

A Canadian drug user was given 27 doses of naloxone to recover from an overdose.

Prairie Harm Reduction, based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, is warning local drug users of a shipment of pink crystalline methamphetamine that contains fentanyl and possibly barbiturates.

Last Thursday, a person who went to the safe consumption site had an overdose. He used methamphetamine, after which he wheezed and began to lose consciousness. Employees of the organization began to urgently use nasal naloxone and artificial respiration. As a result, it took 27 doses of the antidote to bring the person back to life.

The organization has notified the public of the dangerous batch through social media. In addition, the police and other organizations were notified.

Source: CTV News.