A study of risky practices among PWUD-MSM in the Perm region was carried out

Within the framework of the mini-grants program provided to members of the Outreach Coalition, 50 anonymous online interviews were conducted in the Perm region with people who met the following criteria: bi- or homosexuality and / or trans-identity, as well as demographic criteria such as over 18 years of age and living in the Perm region.

Of the 50 interviewed, 7 (14%) are homosexual and identify with representatives of sexual minorities, 43 respondents (86%) are bisexual, which increases the risk of infections passing from a homosexual environment to a heterosexual environment, and vice versa.

34% of respondents are married. As a result of the analysis of the obtained data, the passive sexual role was the most preferred among the married respondents. Given that the receiving side has a higher degree of risk of contracting infectious diseases, the risk of transmitting infections to wives also increases, which puts this category in a more dangerous position.

The use of drugs during sexual intercourse is practiced by 30 respondents, which is 60% of the total number of respondents. 15 respondents practice alcohol consumption, which is 30% of all respondents.

Research author: Alexey Korolkov.