Taking part in the preparation of a high-level meeting on HIV in the UN

To ensure an open, transparent and participatory process of preparation for the United Nations General Assembly high-level meeting on HIV< which will take place on June 8-10, 2021, UNAIDS and the Programme Coordinating Board nongovernmental organization delegation have selected 16 representatives of civil society and the private sector to join the multistakeholder task force.

In the run-up to the meeting, before the end of April 2021, an interactive multistakeholder hearing will be held with the participation of communities and other stakeholders, who will also participate in other activities before and during the high-level meeting itself. The task force will advise UNAIDS on the format, theme and programme of the multistakeholder hearing and will help to identify speakers for the hearing and high-level meeting plenary and panel discussions.

Earlier, different constituency networks were, invited to apply and to use their own networks and selection processes to nominate people to be considered for the task force.

Said Laurel Sprague, UNAIDS Chief/Special Advisor, Community Engagement: “As the task force is necessarily limited in size, we are particularly interested in nominations of people from networks, who are closely linked across their communities and across regions, to be able to bring a deep and broad perspective. Additional opportunities for people living with HIV, key populations and other affected groups to engage with be made available throughout the lead-up to the high-level meeting.”

More than 560 nominations were received and the task force has been established with a broad and diverse expertise. There are at least two members per region. More than 50% of the members are women and 25% are under the age of 30 years. Six are openly living with HIV and all key populations are represented.

There are 2 representatives from the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA):

Adilet Alimkulov, Kyrgyz Indigo, Kyrgyzstan

Aleksey Lakhov, Humanitarian Action and Coalition Outreach, Russian Federation

The full list of selected representatives can be found on UNAIDS website